Manhole Step Products

In 1969, M.A. Industries invented the steel reinforced plastic manhole step. This became the standard against which all other manhole steps are measured. Through the years, M.A. has developed over 20 different designs of manhole steps for various applications to meet the needs of the public utilities industry throughout North America. All M.A. steps meet or exceed any and all applicable ASTM, AASHTO and OSHA requirements and are accepted in almost every municipality and state in the U.S. Most M.A. steps are made from the same materials: impact resistant co-polymer polypropylene plastic molded around ½” diameter and grade 60 reinforcing steel. They are available in standard black, safety orange and potable water white. The only exception is the PS3-PFC model, which has 5/8” diameter reinforcement and polyethylene steps. We offer almost any model step in a polyethylene version available in black or yellow.

Our most popular step is the press-fit (PF) design. The PF design refers to the installation method in which the steps are hammered into preformed holes in concrete structures. The embedment part of the step legs are tapered with concentric rings that are meant to be crushed when installed, helping increase pull-out resistance and sealing the step hole.

A design feature unique to M.A. Industries’ steps is our double-face (DF) tread design. The non-slip tread is on both sides of the step, thus preventing the step from being installed upside down. Other step models include steps for brick/block structures; cast-in-place steps; steps that work with square and non-tapered step inserts; and steps designed to be installed into green, dry-cast concrete with no preformed hole.

Along the way, we’ve developed innovative practices and products to make installation safer, simpler and more user friendly. It’s all part of a continual process to meet the needs of our customers. M.A.’s PF steps coupled with M.A.’s PF step inserts offer the safest possible installation. This combination of M.A. PF steps and inserts eliminates many potential installation problems. It’s user friendly, simplifies installation and saves time.