Step Insert Matrix

M.A. Industries Step Inserts are precision engineered for MA's Press-Fit (PF) manhole steps. The combination of the two provides the best possible manhole step installation. Our Break-Away (BA) design makes step up and stripping a snap. In addition, we offers ways to help eliminate manually drilling step holes.

Definition of Terms  
PF: Press-Fit Tapered insert with concentric rings Installation Instructions
for PF Step Inserts
BA: Break Away Breaks away from form during stripping
LL: Large Leg 1-1/4" I.D. for MA's PS2-PFSL-DF step
RW: Round Wall Angled for round wall structures Installation Instructions
for Stick-On Step Insert Locator
FW: Flat Wall For flat wall structures
SS: Slotted Sleeve Steel sleeve w/keyway


MA Press-Fit Step Inserts Works With . . .
Item No Description Item No Description
004-501-IN BA PF Step Insert RW 004-501-SL SS BA Step Insert RW
004-501-INF BA PF Step Insert FW 004-501-SLF Sleeve BA Step Insert FW
004-510-LLB LL BA PF Step Insert RW 004-510-LLSL SS LL BA Step Insert RW
004-501-INNB PF Step Insert RW (w/o BA) Magnets Magnetic Step Insert Locators
004-501-INFBW PF Step Insert FW (w/o BA) 004-501-SFWL Stick-On Flat Wall Locator
004-501-NFWL Nail-On Flat Wall Locator
Magnets Magnetic Step Insert Locators